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MlaiTech Project Mlaitech together with cash registers Nurit - allows business owners to control the movement of goods and financial assets in retail outlets, keep records of working time, the sale of goods on credit.


SoftKey Project SoftKey has been developed to provide its users with new opportunities for purchasing and distribution of software. At our server, customers can purchase software and software packages at reduced prices. Authors of the software can register it, enter information into the public catalogue and effectively cooperate with registered users.

http://www.softkey.ru http://www.softkey.co.il

NetCity Smart&Profit Ltd. has been started in May 2005 as a leading company for managing NetCity project that originated in 2000. From 2003, our specialists have been developing software applications for small and medium businesses. The company’s mission is launching and maintenance of business projects based on WEB technologies.


Kamtec Company KAMTEC is an authorized training center of Microsoft in Israel, and conducts training of entrants in the field of information technology.