A site builder is a tool that makes it possible to create sites that are not extremely complex. The tool in question is conceived to provide opportunities to create sites for users who are not specialists in creating Internet sites.

Site builders may be divided into two categories: paid and unpaid. Site builders may include additional services such as hosting, providing domain names, providing post office boxes, etc. Additional services may also be paid or unpaid. The fee is generally not high and may be handled either as a single payment or as a payment program extending over a period of time determined by the provider of the service.

Site builders may have various interfaces, degrees of complexity of use, sets of functionalities, and possibilities for graphic design. But most of them can be divided into two categories: "simple" and "complex."

"Simple" site builders offer users a limited selection of functionalities and graphic designs. But, on the other hand, no knowledge of even the foundations of designing Internet sites is required of the user. As a result, the user receives a poorly functioning Internet site with a nonexclusive graphics interface.

"Complex" site builders offer users sufficiently comprehensive, but still limited, spectra of opportunities for creating Internet sites with flexible and different functionalities and with the possibility of creating an individual graphic design for the Internet site. It is natural that the graphic design of the site should be prepared by the user separately from the builder. In other words, in order to make use of such a builder, the user must possess skills and an understanding of the process of producing Internet sites.

Thus, if you are a developer of Internet sites, then the choice of instrument for creating the Internet site remains yours.

But if you generally do not have sufficient skill in the area of creating Internet sites and you cannot make use of a "complex" site builder, then a "simple" site builder will not afford you the opportunity to create a site that has a unique graphic design and the different functionalities which you would like to have on your site.