Our company does not structure the cost of the services we provide on the basis of the number of lines contained in the proposed Internet site. This kind of pricing policy only points to the insufficient professionalism of the developers. It is impossible to provide specific prices without knowing what the client needs.

The budget for the project is drawn up on the basis of the functionality the client requests for the site and the work that will be needed for this purpose.

After studying the specifics of your business and the goals of your Internet site, we are able to construct the architecture of the proposed site, selecting a configuration of hardware and software, choosing technologies to be used for realizing the project, and stipulating the number of specialists who will be assigned to the project.

Only on the basis of the above-mentioned analysis are we able to offer you a price proposal.

If our services are of interest to you, if you require additional consultations, or if you would already like to enter into preliminary negotiations, please contact us at any time - CONTACTS