Creativity — it’s more than simply having a good idea for an advertising campaign, more than coming up with an excellent design, more than writing clever copy, and more than complex, multi-level programming.

Creativity happens when both the idea and the execution completely correspond to the given tasks. It represents a harmonious package each of whose parts is uniquely important and irreplaceable. When both the overall design and the web design are achieved by a genuinely creative approach, real results are possible — in other words, user-friendly functions that permit the information to be interesting and functional so that it is easy to grasp and convenient to use.

The package involves both multimedia and web elements. It is also reflected in the generation of long-term, concrete advantages for our clients — the optimal use of energy, effort, and financial resources in creating unique image-generating sites and presentations. This not only increases the efficiency of your commercial or representational resources on the Internet, it also makes it possible to grow your business in the shortest possible time.

The importance of a company’s Internet site as a vital business element has long been beyond doubt. The general relationship of current and potential clients to your business depends on how competently your company’s Internet site has been designed.

Our company is prepared to offer you a full package of services in creating an Internet site for your company. We are passionately devoted to producing the highest possible quality for the jobs that we undertake. Our task is to create an Internet site that will work for you and bring you real profit.

The elements of the standard package of services for creating an Internet site are:
  • Preparing the technical tasks.
  • Designing the architecture of the site.
  • Creating the graphic design of the site.
  • Preparing and correcting the informational materials.
  • Programming the Internet site.
  • Placing the Internet site.
  • Registering the domain name.

  • The elements of a supplemental package of services for creating an Internet site are:
  • Setting up the site’s control system.
  • Advertising the site.
  • Providing technical support.

  • The first thing we do is carefully listen to you and study all the materials you submit. In certain situations, it is enough for you to simply tell us what your company does and submit only general advertising materials — everything else is done by our specialists. In the end, you receive very valuable Internet representation without wasting time on preparing materials. We will do all that for you.

    In most cases, however, more is required. After the scope of work is negotiated, we analyze existing Internet resources on the theme in question, and we make a proposal for your Internet site based on both the information obtained as well as our own experience.

    To realize the project successfully, we will need advertising materials and photographs, as well as information regarding your company, its products, and services, etc. If you don’t have the information needed for the site, we will help you prepare those materials.

    Designing the site is the next important step. In this step, on the basis of the information derived from the preliminary analysis, specialists from our company develop a series of design documents describing the informational and functional structure of the Internet resource, paying special attention that the information is correctly presented and easy to comprehend.

    The next step is developing the Internet site, the most extended and critical stage of the work, which itself is made up of a series of sub-steps. They include creating the functional design, which is produced with strict attention to the corporate style of your company, linking the site’s control system to the programming of the modules that are necessary for the project, and filling the site with the appropriate materials.

    Testing is an integral part of the work on any Internet site. At every step in the creation and support of an Internet site, our specialists test the site in accordance with the following parameters:
  • the needs of the client;
  • functionality;
  • the correctness of transitions;
  • the intuitiveness of the interface;
  • compatibility/versatility;
  • and many other elements.

  • But it is not enough to create a site. It is vital also to make it accessible to the users of the global network that is known as the Internet. For this purpose, it is necessary to select a name that more than anything reflects the theme of your site (for example, it may be the name of your company or of the product that you would like to advertise), and then to register it. It is also necessary to select the paid hosting that best meets your needs.

    We have vast experience in selecting domain names. As the Internet has become more commercialized, the number of unclaimed domain names using simple words and abbreviations have become fewer and fewer. As a result, the choice of a domain name has become a decidedly nontrivial task, for which it is quite reasonable to turn to a professional Internet marketing expert.

    After the name has been registered and a desirable hosting has been located, we place your site on the hosting server and perform the final testing and debugging.

    Promoting and advertising your site on the Internet represent critical and important links in the chain of creating your site and taking care of it. For even after your site is placed, and even if it is competently produced, it will not yield a return if no one visits it. Therefore, attracting a quality audience — promoting the site — becomes a vital task after it has been created and placed.

    The promotion of a website consists of a series of events. Most of all, it means conducting a semantic analysis of the site and selecting exactly those queries which users most frequently use in searching Internet sites in your theme. It also means finding "a search niche," optimizing the site for search engines, registering it in catalogs and rating services, using both banners and contextual advertising, sending postal mailings, exchanging links, and participating in partner programs.

    Today more and more people search the Internet for information of interest to them. This means that services for promoting business websites are more and more a necessity. Since more than 90% of all visitors come to your site via search engines, the site is promoted through being competently positioned at the upper lines of search engines. Website promotion is the only advertising tool that totally justifies the money spent on it. With minimal expenditure on promoting your site, every day you will gain new clients who are interested in precisely your product or service. As a result, promoting your site on the Internet will lead to increased revenues, greater business profitability, and a rapid return on the funds you spent on site promotion. The service we are proposing for promoting your site is within the means of young, start-up companies since the pricing of this kind of advertising is incomparably more economical than the pricing in the mass media.