Nowadays there are many sites that offer ready-made graphic design templates for websites. The cost of such templates is not great. Some sites offer users graphic design templates without charge or for a symbolic payment of $1, and some sites provide graphic design templates for $50-60.

Many people compare the cost of ordering the graphic design from a professional graphic designer with the cost of the graphic design templates that are strewn across the Internet, and they ask themselves quite logically, "Why order the design from a graphic designer and pay more for this? It's certainly cheaper to buy a ready-made template."

Our company would like to explain the basis for the difference in the cost between the graphic design that is ordered from a graphic designer and one that is purchased on the Internet. We would like to warn you about some "underwater rocks" that can be met with in buying ready-made templates on the Internet.

In purchasing a ready-made graphic template on the Internet, you will obtain the following:
  • the template will feature a design that is not at all exclusive to the site, that has already been bought by more than one other users, and that will be bought by even more unknown numbers of users;
  • the template will not contain the design of all the pages of your site and accordingly all the elements necessary for your site as you imagined it;
  • the template will not provide the graphic elements for the pages in a form that is ready-made ("pre-sliced") for work;
  • if the template contains Flash, then all texts must be changed in accordance with your requirements, but it may be necessary to change the flash-roll itself—to add, delete, or change a text.

  • Therefore, in order to use a purchased template, you will need to have the skills of both a graphic designer and a webmaster, along with a knowledge of Flash. If you have these skills, then this may be the right path for you.

    On the other hand, if you do not have the above-mentioned skills, then you should turn to a specialist to finish the work of turning the purchased template into your site. As a result, you will generally spend the same amount of money that would have spent in first ordering the graphic design of your site from a professional graphic designer, without the additional purchase of a template.